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Failure is a common thing in our daily life. There are times when we fail to do satisfactory work. In short, failures happen naturally and almost everyone has such experience.

However, there are different attitudes toward failure. Some people lose confidence in failure. Some people don't take failure seriously and they just let it be, while some others learn much from failure, and therefore see the light of hope through failure.

In my opinion, what really counts is not failure itself, but what we think of failure and do after failure. As long as we don't give up and believe in ourselves, and in the meantime learn something from failure, we'll certainly make our marks in this world in the end.


Life is change, as the sea boundless, calm, sometimes waves, but in my life had various thorns bumpy.I smell of cruelty and a sharp arrow from all sides as zhizhi pierced my young heart. Why each time the result of the exam is "black and blue", it is really too terrible, horrible, I remember the taste of it. Then, I carefully reflect themselves, efforts to find their own defects and deficiencies.But, how should I face setbacks, is avoided? Is destruction? No, the key is to see their choice, I think, Life is by numerous frustrations accumulated, if cannot afford the hardships, heavy, also cannot overcome ourselves, and overwhelmed by yield.Even in prosperity, also want to free from danger, ready to withstand


A person's life is like a ship traveling on the sea, sometimes in the open sea worthiness of vessels required to control the direction, if in the right direction, the ship was at most small wind Xiaolangdi sloshing about the hull. If the direction is wrong, may be to swallow the tsunami, in any case, the ship can not be plain sailing.

I'll tell you a story now: the invention of light bulb before Edison had spent thousands of filament materials have failed to do, abusinessman ironically him: You are not manufacturing the lamp, you tested thousands of materials did not any success. Edison replied: No, I at least have proved that 1000 kinds of materials are not suitable to do filament. I read this story very touching, I think Edison put it best. Even if Edison failed thousands of times, so what? Him ultimately successful. As the saying goes: Failure is the mother of success. There is no "failure of the mother," How has "successful son." With thousands of Edison "failed mothers, will be no" success "to you? Eat one graben, a gain in your wit. And eating are thousands of Edison Graben, one of thousands of long-chi. If you do not eat graben, how long Moses? Edison With a few thousand times that have experienced failure before they tap the door to success, so that he immortalized the great inventions.

I am studying childhood bike too, I have said many times from the bike fell off, but then my heart just want a word: failure is the mother of success. I rode well may have a bad hand grip, and so on Board unwieldy. I tried again and again a variety of methods, finally succeeded

Indeed after a person before anything will fail, only in the failure of the course of lessons, the experience of piling up, you can succeed. Failure is also a growing part of。

作文四:Attitudes Towards? Failures

Failure is common in our real life.It is somthing that inevitable to everyone.But people's attitudes failure differ.

To those pessimists, failure is just like a mountain lies before them and prevent them from walking forward.when they face it,they give up easily.Only one failure is enough to make them feel sad,lose their hearts.As a result,they won't try again.In other words,they have been beaten by the failure totally.However to those optimists,the attitude is quite opposite.In their eyes,one failure doesn't mean anything,for it's just an experience that unavoidable on their way to the success.Knowing this,therefore,they will never complain od feel sad.What they will do is to calm down and find out the causes of their failures,then analyse them in order to avoid making the same mistake.

In my view, of course,I tend to the second attitude.actually,failure is a kind of required course in our life.It is not an end but a start for us as long as we make good use of it.Thus, don't give up and give in.Remember,failure itself is not fearful.What matters is your attitudes towards it.


No one likes failure in his life. But not all can always succeed. It's a pity that someone will never stand up after a failure. We must learn to accept failure. After all, failure is not always a bad thing. We can learn something from it. Just as the saying goes, "Failure is the mother of success. "We can know our own shortcomings and learn some experiences from a real failure, ff we made up our minds to start again, it will be easier to succeed next time. Furthermore, failure can make our will stronger.


Why are so many people afraid of failure? Quite simply because no one tells us how to lead failure experience to growth.We forget that failure is part of life and that every person has the right to fail.

Most parents work hard at either preventing failure or protecting their children from it. One way is to lower standards. A mother describes her child's hurriedly-made table as "perfect!" even though it couldn't stand on uneven legs. Another way is to shift blame. If John fails the exam, his teacher is unfair or stupid.

The trouble with failure-prevention methods is that they leave a child unequipped for life in the real world. The young need to learn that no one can be best at everything, no one can win all the time.it's possible to enjoy a game even when you don't win. A child who's not invited to a birthday? party or enrolled in the baseball team feels terrible, of course. But parents should not offer a quick comfort prize or say, "It doesn't matter" because it does. The young should experience disappointment and master it.

Failure is never pleasurable. It hurts grown-ups and children exactly alike. But it can make a positive contribution to your life once you learn to use it. Step one is to ask, "Why did I fail?" Control the natural impulse to blame someone else.Ask yourself what you did wrong, how to improve. If someone else can help, don't be shy about asking them.Failure is never pleasurable. It hurts grown-ups and children exactly alike. But it can make a positive contribution to your life once you learn to use it. Step one is to ask, "Why did I fail?" Control the natural impulse to blame someone else.Ask yourself what you did wrong, how to improve. If someone else can help, don't be shy about asking them.

作文七:success and failur

Failure is the mother of success. Sometimes people have to cope with many mistakes and failures in order to reach the successful finals. While others might succumb to failure, they tend to retreat and give in their efforts. Success often provides confidence and satisfaction, nevertheless failure companies with bitter, saddness, and suffering. It seems people have to learn through each experience, as success doesn‘t always falls from heaven.


I remembered I used to fail on my vocabury test when I was in high school. I had problem to memorize new words which got lloose each day. I almost decided to give up English, but was obliged to one of my neighbour classmates who kept on sending small sheet for me. In the end of the semester, I found I had finished my vocabulary book which became a work force in reading English. I then realized that a new word came and left our brains for several times. Nobody is born as genius for success. Success tends to arrive after a serial of trials and failures.

Of course, success brings confidence and victory. But, life is not always easy and comfortable. There are more difficulties than eases in the real life. It is likely that we have to face some failures ahead. Therefore, those who learn how to deal and endure failures will taste their success eventually.

作文八:My view on failure


In my opinion,both success and failure are parts of our life. Without success, we won’t know how to make us succeed.And without success, we won’t know what is failure, and even not know what’s the feeling of it.Everyone knows that failure is the mother of success. We will not always succeed in doing everything,? on the contrary, we often have to face failure. At this time, we should face it bravely ,because it is possible for us to fail in our daily life.In other words, failure gives us some experience.It is the stair of making us improvement. If we can treat the failure in the correct way, our obtaining the success will be on its way to becoming reality.It is said that getting? success is not an easy thing.You must work hard persistently if you want to get the feeling of success. If we know how to deal with failure and success, we will have a wonderful life. But the most important thing we should do is that we should make full use of our precious time and work hard.

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